September 19, 2018
Metcon (Time) 1k row 50 squats 1k row 40 situps 1k row 30 pushups 1k row 20 burpees 1k row 10 pullups
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Metcon (No Measure) Ring Push-ups 30 Sec Plank 30 Sec Bottom Hold x5-8 Ring Push-ups 4 rounds Db Shoulder Press (Seated) 5×8 Back Extension 4×30 sec hold + 15 reps Hollow Body/Vup 4×30 Sec Hold + 15 Reps Extra credit KB Front Rack Carry 800m (400m each arm)
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 5/18/19

    400m run

    Cannon Ball Rock

    Hollow Rock

    Hanging Hollow/Arch (dynamic)

    Knee tucks/Toes to Hips/Toes to bar

    Ring Pull-ups

    Ring Muscle-ups

    Workout Rehersal:

    Toes to Bar x5

    Box Jump overs x 10

    MU/Pull-ups x1-2

    run 200m

    2 rounds to understand rythem.
    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
    AMRAP 20

    Toes to Bar x10

    Box jump overs x20

    Muscle-ups/Pull-ups x5

    *Partner Run 200m after every round.
    *You go, I do. (Alt Exercises)

    **Sub knee tucks, ring row, ring pull-ups for TTB and MU.

    ***Partners run every 200m together.

CrossFit Teens

  • CrossFit Teens WOD 5/7/19

    Barbara (Time)
    Five Rounds for time:
    20 Pull-ups
    30 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    50 Squats
    *3-minute rest after each round*