December 6, 2020
Warm-up 3 Sets: Double Unders/Single Unders x 25 Rest 15 seconds Reverse Quadruped Crawl* x 25 Ft. Rest 15 seconds Broad Jump x 25 Ft. Rest 15 seconds Half Kneeling Landmine Press* x 8/each arm *Videos Below Warm-Up Notes: – Utilize jump rope task to work on the double under skill. If ability is not...
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Warm-up – Roll out calves, glutes, lats, and t-spine – Check chest, biceps and triceps for any unnecessary tension. If they feel tight, address them as well. – Ankle Flexion: 3 Sets, 8 reps each ankle. (Video below) 1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. 2. Secure the...
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Warm-up Work/Rest: 30sec/30sec Mountain climbers Hollow Body Hold Bear Crawl Superman Hold Complete 2 Sets Gymnastics Toes-to-bar/Handstand Push-up 15 minutes to work on one or both The goal here is to establish and prep these movements (or other scaled variant) prior to starting the Metcon. Select the degree to which you will perform either movement...
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Warm-up 2 Rounds: Kang Squat x 8 Rest 20 Seconds Hand-Release Burpees x 8 Rest 20 Seconds Banded Good Mornings x 8 Rest 20 Seconds Shoulder Taps (From Plank) x 8/each arm Rest 20 Seconds Back Squat (3-3-3-3-3) Weight: Same Across Movement Tempo: 3111 3 Seconds Down 1 Second in the Bottom 1 Second Up...
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Warm-up 2 Sets: Hollow body hold x 30sec rest 15 seconds Single arm ring row (Right) x 8 rest 15 Seconds Single arm ring row (Left) x 8 rest 15 Seconds 20 Cal Row Rest 1 Min. Warm-up Notes: – Utilize a challenging, but operable degree of angle when performing single arm ring row. Gymnastics...
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Workout of the Day


  • 2/25/2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitMuscle-ups (muscle-up practice )items to cover:

    – false grip/normal grip
    – hollow and arch position
    – hips to rings, rings to sternum
    – support position

    – Muscle-up modification (see video)

    *Utilize modification to discuss and practice false grip, support position, and “rings to sternum”.
    **Utilize rings to discuss and practice hollow/arch positions and “hips to rings”.
    ***Allow time for multiple efforts. Utilize modification to drill the movement, especially the “turnover” portion of the muscle-up.5k Row (Time)Max Effort 5k RowDepending on how you feel, this workout can be approached differently.

    If you feel beat up from previous workouts this week, utilize this time on the rower to move at a conservative pace, be conscious of your posture, focus on breathing through the nose (inhale and exhale), become aware of your feet (splice the toes wide, distribute weight evenly), and lock in on the cadence of your row.

    If you feel capable an…

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