CrossFit WOD 2/9/19


Musical wallballs (behind rig)

5 inchworms in place

Pigeon stretch

Metcon (Time)

15 RFT

Partner workout

Obstacle course relay:

5 box step overs

5 kettlebell swing

Bear crawl around PVC course

5 knee raises

Touch back wall

5 knee raises

Bear crawl

5 kettlebell swings

5 box step overs

Resting partner does plate mummy holds

Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 4/26/19

    Step ups x10

    Waiter Squat x5/5

    Exploding Step-up x10

    Front Squat x10

    Clean & TTB Prep:


    Knee tucks x5

    Hang Clean

    Leg Lifts x5

    Hang Clean w/Bar

    Toes to Bar x5
    Hang Clean (2-2-2-2)

    **Perform 5 strict hanging leg raises/toes to bar between each set.
    Metcon (Time)
    Row 400m

    Hang Squat Clean x15 95/65

    Toes to bar x15


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