CrossFit WOD 1/5/2021

Warm-up (No Measure)

General Warm-Up:

Complete 3 Rounds:

Hollow Body Hold 15sec.

Rest 15 sec

Superman Hold 15sec

Rest 15 sec

Bottom Squat Hold 15sec

Rest 15 sec

Hang From Bar 15sec

Specific Warm-Up:

After movement standards are discussed for the Metcon, perform the following prior to the WOD. Allow for small rest period after completion and prior to the start of the WOD.

Dial Movement:

6 Cal Bike

6 Hang Power Clean (empty bar)

6 Wall-Ball (2 smaller than normally used ball)

-Rest/Adjust Weight-

Gain Speed:

4 Cal Bike

4 Hang Power Clean (~75% WOD weight)

4 Wall-Ball (1 smaller than normally used ball)

-Rest/Adjust Weight-

Game Speed:

2 Cal Bike

2 Hang Power Clean (WOD weight)

2 Wall-Ball (WOD weight)

Strict Toes-To-Bar (5-5-5-5-5)
Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Hang Power Clean


Cal Bike

Workout of the Day


  • Friday, September 24th 2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)A. General
    EMOM 4
    Odd: Bike/Row/Ski
    Even: 1 moderate height box jump 3,5,7 sec

    B. Mobility
    PNF hamstring stretch
    5 seconds contraction, pushing against the band with your foot
    5 seconds stretch, pulling your foot back

    C. Specific
    2 sets
    -5/5 Airplanes
    -7/7 Pause bulgarian split squats
    -9 Band pull apartsWeightliftingA: Deadlift (5 reps E2MOM x 4)Every 2mins for 8mins
    5 reps @75%
    Recovery Bike/Row/Ski

    Score: Weight on the deadlift
    TC: 8mins

    Scaling options
    EMOM x 4 sets
    Min 1: 3-5 reps @moderate
    Min 2: Recovery Bike/Row/Ski

    As writtenMetconB: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)EMOM 24minutes
    Min 1: 200m Run
    Min 2: 12-16 Front rack lunges 95/65lbs
    Min 3: 3-4 Wall walks
    Min 4: 10-12 KB swings 32/24kgKG: 40/30
    Score: Total reps (exclude the run)

    Scaling options
    Min 1: 100m Run
    Min 2: 12-16 Front rack lunges @light
    Min 3:…

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