CrossFit WOD 7/20/19


Row 2m

Medball squat throw (partner)

Metcon Prep:


Front squat


Pull-under to Thruster

hang clean to Thruster

Squat clean thruster.

Metcon (Time)

80 cal row

40 Squat Clean Thrusters

20 Burpees over Partner.

60 Cal row

20 Squat Clean Thrusters

10 Burpees over partner

40 cal row

10 Squat Clean Thrusters

1000m partner run
*Split work evenly

**increase weight on Clusters each interval

***use multiple bars if needed.

Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 12/10/19

    Plyo ladder



    t-get up prep:

    10 steps
    Metcon (Weight)
    50ft plate push

    75 double unders

    X2 Turkish get ups

    Rest 1m

    5 rounds
    *Be patient with the plate push. If it isn’t working, try a different approach. Problem solve to find efficiency.

    **Substitute a 45s sprint on the bike in lue of ability to do double unders.

    ***Turkish get up should be a challenge on its own and require a ton of focus under fatigue. If a rep is failed, it means rest longer.

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