CrossFit WOD – 7/30/2015

Front Squat (Build to a Heavy 5RM)

This could be anything. You all have been squating like beast! Feel free to go as heavy or light as you want.

Your effort should match your mindset.

Metcon (Time)


Over Head Walking Lunge 45/25 (plate) 50Ft

x15 Pull-ups

x7 Front Squats @ 70 % of 5RM previously established. Pull from floor.

Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD – 8/15/18

    Light row 250m

    x10 hand release Push-ups

    x10 Kip Swings

    x5 Jump squats

    Medium row 250m

    x10 Deficit Pike Push-ups

    x10 Pull-ups/Jumping Pull-ups

    x5 Jump Squats

    Hard r0w

    x10 Pike Push-ups

    x10 Chest to Bar/Jumping Chest to Bar

    x5 Jump sSquats
    Handstand Push-ups (Find a 3 rep deficit)
    10 min to see how many plates you can stack and link 3 HSPU together. You may utilize the Kip.

    Those without HSPU:

    3×8 Deficit Pike Push-ups

    followed by

    3×10 Push-ups
    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
    Row 300/250m

    x5 HSPU

    x10 Pull-ups/Chest 2 Bar

    x15 Air Squats

    amrap 20
    Every 50m on the rower is coulded as a rep

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