CrossFit Elizabethtown Staff

Training Staff

Mark Ignacio

Owner/CF-L1/CrossFit Kids Trainer

“The most satisfying part of what I do is seeing the expression on my clients’ faces as they progress through their training and reach their fitness goals. Knowing I made an impact in someone’s life in a positive way is why I love what I do.”

Gary Esparza

CF-L2 Trainer

“My goal is to influence as many people through a positive, healthy atmosphere as possible.”

Brett Lobb

CF-L2 Trainer

“I CrossFit because I refuse to accept mediocrity for myself and for those around me.”

Jennifer Crump

CF-L1 Trainer

“CrossFit has changed me as a human, it completely changed my mindset about my physical being.”

Grant Wieman

CF-L1 Trainer

“I stuck with it, fixed my diet as well, and eventually lost 45 pounds, and now physically I can do things I never thought were possible”

Nick Lee

CF-L1 Trainer

“Being able to not only teach, but learn something new every day, is one of the greatest satisfactions in life.”

Seth Carter

CF-L1 Trainer

“Making the transition from athlete to coach was one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made, because helping people to achieve their individual goals, is truly a blessing.”

Noah Carter


“all areas of athleticism have improved, the best part was my mobility. I have seen major gains in strength and stamina as well.”

Childcare Staff

Amber Englebright


“Getting to see “my” kids daily and be apart of their lives is the best part of this job. “