Assault Bike
Warm-up Banded side steps 50ft Squat and twist Waiter squat SG Push press SG Push jerk Snatch balance Metcon prep: Wallball Burpee 2×5 Snatch Balance (4×3) *Across **Build your confidence in the light weights and the build to working weight that will challenge that consistency Metcon (Time) Buy in-Cal bike 15/10 Wallballs x30 Burpees x15...
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Warm-up Deep breathing 90/90 Half plank w/clam Rowing: Pick Drill – catch to extension Metcon (3 Rounds for time) Bike 20 cal Row 3k Rest 3m Bike 20cal Row 2k Rest 3m Bike 20cal Row 500m
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Warm-up Hang and twist/shrug Air squat- relaxed, rig assisted Kipping swing (static) Air squat Kipping Swing Dynamic Front squat Beat swing Push press Leg lift/knee tuck Thruster Pull-up Toes to bar Metcon (Time) 20/14cal bike 20 Thrusters 95/65 20 Toes to bar 20 Thrusters 20 Pull-ups 20 Thrusters *We are seeking a strong stimulus here....
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Warm-up V-up x10 Hollow body flutter x30s Half L-sit 10s each Leg (hanging) Plyo push-up x5 each arm over a plate. 3 Rounds Sprawl on mat 45s Straddle stretch to heels over head x5 3 rounds Metcon prep Discuss rotation and expectations. 3.2.1.Go! Metcon (No Measure) 15/10 cal bike Burpee x7 Every 90s for 4:30m...
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Warm-up Barbell upright row Strict power clean H/m/l Tall power clean h/m/l Pull-under h/m/l power clean h/m/l 3 POS Power clean 3 POS Power Clean (5×2-2-2 then 5×1-1-1) *Across on doubles; Build on singles ** “3 POS” refers to a high, mid, and low catch position. ***Be obsessive on position. ****Increased weight from 11/12 Metcon...
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Warm-up SG Barbell upright row Strict power snatch H/m/l Tall power snatch h/m/l Pull-under h/m/l power snatch h/m/l 3 POS power snatch Metcon prep: Low single/high single/double attempt Burpee over bar efficiency 3 POS Power Snatch (5×2/5×1) *Across on doubles; Build on singles ** “3 POS” refers to a high, mid, and low catch position....
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Warm-up Snatch Grip DL + Snatch (2+1) *20m to find a heavy complex. **Build based on your consistency. If it doesn’t feel right, repeat it till it does. ***Be ambitious, it’s a chance not just to learn a lot, but also to test your abilities. Metcon (Time) Bike 30/20 cal Wallball x45 Bar facing burpees...
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Skill Work Side plank 30s Banded Hydrant x10 Ring inch worm x6 3 rounds Metcon Prep: Ring push-up Hollow hold Half press w/hold Push-up Metcon (Time) Partner Workouts- Alternate rounds Bike 9 cal Burpees x7 Ring push-ups x5 20 rounds for time *Keep the bike under 30s. **Burpees will feel very sluggish. Keep a disciplined...
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Warm-up Jumping Jacks Plate push Jump rope 2 rounds 1m each movement Double under practice Tempo work Singles Doubles Discuss metcon flow 3.2.1.Go! Metcon (3 Rounds for time) Group WOD 50m Sled push 50 Double unders 15 Cal Bike Complete 4 rounds Rest as needed
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Warm-up Walking lunges Duck Walk Medball Thruster Strict Half Pull ups/ring rows Strict Knee tuck/Leg Lifts Pull-ups Toes to Bar Metcon Brief: Rehearse rotation. 3.2.1.Go! Metcon (2 Rounds for time) 45s Bike for Watts then, on the Minute 3 rounds 12 Wallballs 9 pull-ups 6 toes to bar Rest 5 min 2 rounds *Alternate options...
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 1/24/20

    Row 500m

    Pick drill

    Catch to extension

    Burpee Box Jump Methods

    Metcon (Time)
    Row 75 cal

    Burpee box jumps x25

    4 rounds
    *Strap in for a grind.

    **300cal of rowing + 100 Burpee box jumps = pace and consistency.

CrossFit Teens

  • CrossFit Teens WOD 1/22/20

    Big Clean Complex
    6 Sets for Max Load

    High Hang Clean+Low Hang Clean+Clean+Push Press

    High Hang Clean+ Low Hang Clean+Clean+Push Jerk

    High Hang Clean+Low Hang Clean+Clean+Split Jerk

    All Cleans must be Squats