Farmers Carry
Warm-up 100ft Skip High knees Backwards skip Burpee broad jump Seated 90/90 (shoulders) Snatch grip high pull BN Press Press to OHS SOT Press Overhead Squat Prep: 1/4 1/2 Full Overhead Squat (1-1-1-1-1+) Metcon (No Measure) Plate farmers carry 100ft Overhead squat x15 Burpees over Bar x10 One round every 4 min for 20 minutes
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Warm-up Min 0-5 Relay Tic-tack-toe Min 5-15 Metcon Prep: Hollow Arch (Hanging) Half Pull-ups Pull-ups 2×5 SDHP: Sumo DL SDHP Push-Press Dip/Drive Push-Press Min 15-20 Brief Min 20-30 Establish Stations 30-60: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps) Intervals 3m-2m-1m Bike SDHP Pull-ups Farmers Carry Push-Press 135/95 Total reps each round
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Warm-up Min 0-10 Run 400m Suitcase Deadlift x10/10 Knee Tucks x10 Hand Release Push-ups x10 Front Squats x10 Min 10-20 Run 100m Barbell Farmers Carry (50r/50l) x10 Toes to Bar x10 Push-ups x10 Hang Power Cleans Min 20-30 Briefing/Metcon Prep 30-55: Tama (Time) For time: 800-meter single-arm barbell farmers carry, 45/35 lb. 31 toes-to-bars 31...
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Warm-up 200m Medball Carry @ Waist x10 Hanging shoulder shrugs x20 Superman pivots Metcon prep: Farmers carry demo/Troubleshoot Hanging Hip touch Demo/Attempts and scaling Scaling Options: Shoulder touches or handlifts; Same rep count Deadlift: PVC x10 x5 coaches pace/x5 Personal pace Kevin (Time) 3 rounds for time of: 185-lb. deadlifts, 32 reps 32 hanging hip...
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Front Squat (5×3 @ 70%) EMOM Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) DB/KB Front squat 3-6-9-12-15—— Farmers Carry 50ft AMRAP 9
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Back Squat (1xME @ 80%) 5×4 @ 70% 1xME @ 80% (AMRAP – Reps) 200ft farmers Carry Thrusters x21 AMRAP 10 Score is thrusters completed
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Press (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Partner WOD Partner A – Farmers Carry 200ft Partner B – AMRAP DUB AMRAP 7
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Split Jerk (2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1) Metcon (Time) Partner WOD Buy-in 600m Farmers Carry Then KB Lunge 50ft x15 KB Thrusters 8 Rounds Then Cash-out 600m Farmers Carry
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Metcon (No Measure) Straddle Splits 2min Use a medicine ball to take some weight out of your legs. Sit it in front and then put your hands on top. Second minute try and drop to your elbows 10 Back Squats 10 OHS 10 Sot Press 3 Rounds Hang Snatch (Perform one set every 90 Sec.)...
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Metcon (No Measure) 30:30 Row Squat Therapy x20 Back Squat (Perform one set every 2 min) x5 @ 75 x5 @80 3×3 @ 85 Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Farmers Carry 50 FT (HEAVY) x7 Burpees 6 Min Amrap Metcon (4 Rounds for time) Sprints 200m 1min rest x 3 Rest 2 Min Max...
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Workout of the Day


  • 2/18/19

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitWarm-upHigh Steps 50ft
    Squat/Sprawl/Squat x10
    KB Hollow w/flutter x1 min
    Supine W/Y x10

    Snatch Prep:
    Drop Snatch
    Hang Snatch
    Touch N’Go Standard

    Metcon Prep:
    3 Rounds
    5 Wallbals
    3 Burpees
    *increase wall ball weight each time. Final warm-up set be heavier than metcon Weight.Snatch (5-5-5+)*Touch N’Go
    ***5-7 Reps on final setMetcon (Time)Wallball x15
    50-40-30-20-10Scaled Burpee Rep Scheme: 10-15-20-25-30

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