Front Squat
Warm-up Jump rope 50 Singles/30 dubs/10 Triples Good morning to Squat x5 Nordic Lift x10 3 Rounds Front Squat Prep: 1/2 Front Squat x10 Parallel Front squat x10 Full Depth x10 Front Squat (Heavy set of 3) Spend 12 minutes to find a heavy 3 rep. Mechanics above weight but make sure you are challenged....
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Warm-up High Steps x30 Forward/Backward Deeps Lunge x20 (10/10) Squat & Twist x10 5 Point Squat x5 Movement Prep Air Squat x10 Front Squat x10 (PVC) Overhead Squat x10 (PVC) Visual Demo: Lateral Bound Metcon Prep x10 Air Squats x5 Lateral Bound x10 Front Squats (Empty Barbell) x5 Lateral Bound x10 Overhead Squats (Empty Barbell)...
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Warm-up High Steps Forward/Backward x30 High Kicks x30 Tuck Jumps x10 Air Squat x10 Front Squat Prep 1/4 x5 Parallel x5 Bottom x10 5 coaches Pace/5 Personal Pace Paused Front Squat (3×1 Across) Front Squat (4×8) *Across **75% of Pause Squats Metcon (Time) Run 1 Mile EMOM 20 Air Squats
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Warm-up BN front rack x10 Goblet squat with Ankle focus 2×20 sec 3 pos front squat 1/4;parallel; full x3 coaches Front squat x10 personal pace Paused Front Squat (3×2) 75% of last week. Front Squat (3×2 ) Across Metcon (No Measure) Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes Dubs x30 Over bar Burpees x10
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Paused Front Squat (5×1 Building) Warm-up 45:15 – 2 rounds Side shuffle Knee tucks/Leg Lifts Ring rows/Strict Pull-ups Front squat Prep: Air Squat x10 Front Squat x10 5 Coaches Pace/5 Personal Pace Post Strength: Visual And Verbal Prep for Metcon Front Squat (4×12 @ 60% of pause squat) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Air Squats x15...
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Warm-up Banded Walk x30 Forward/Backward 5 Point Squat x4 Supernated PVC Press x10 Front Squat x5 Coaches Pace x10 Personal Pace Metcon Prep Jump & Land Front Knee x5 Hang Power Clean x5 Push press x5 Push-Jerk x5 x1 rep of Complex 1 Clean 2 Front Squat 3 S2OH Front Squat (3×2) Across/pause EMOM Front...
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Warm-up Inch Worm x5 Reverse Lunge x10 Leg Lifts x5 3 Rounds Front Squat Progression 1/4 squats w/Pause x5 Parallel x5 Bottom x5 Paused Front Squat (3×3) 5 Sec. Coaches Pace. Front Squat (4×8 Across) 5-10# increase from last week Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Amrap 8 Wall Walk x3 Toes to Bar x15
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Front Squat (5×8 @ 60-65%) Across Warm-up Bear Crawl 50ft Side Shuffle 50ft/50ft Lying Knee Tuck/Butt-up x15 DB Push-Press x10/10 Zombie Squat x5 Front Squat x10 x5 Coached/x5 Personal pace 6-8 MIn to Warm-up Metcon (Time) DB Push-Press (R) 21-15-9 Front Rack Step-ups (R) x10 DB Push-Press (L) 21-15-9 Front Rack Step-up (L) x10 Alternate...
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Front Squat (15 MIn to find 1RM) Warm-up Run 400m Kneeling Hamstring Stretch x30 Sec Pidgin Stretch Switch legs Wrist Stretch 30 sec Front Squat Progression Zombie Squat x5 Front Squat Coaches Pace x5 Personal Pace x10 Metcon (Time) Burpees to Target x100 Every 3 min run 200m Run should take no more than 90...
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Warm-up 50m run 50m Backward run Strict Pull-ups 8-10 Goblet Squat x10 2 rounds *Alternative for Strict Pull-ups ~3-5 Strict pull-ups + 2 Negatives ~x3 Negatives + 5 Ring rows ~x8-10 Kneeling Pull-ups Front Squat Demo Mummy Squat (PVC) x5 Front Squat w/Pause x5 @ Coaches Pace x10 @ Personal Pace Front Squat (5×8 Across)...
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD – 8/14/18

    Side shuffle 100m l/r

    Run 400m

    Clean and Jerk Prep:

    Pull Under 1/4;Half;Full

    Tall Jerks x5

    Hang Clean x5

    Push Press x5

    Clean x5

    Jerk x5

    clean and jerk x3
    Clean and Jerk (x3)
    Take 12 minutes and Build to a heavy 3 rep Clean and Jerk. Touch’n Go Reps for the more expeierence. Reset to the floor if you are still developing a foundation.
    Metcon (Time)
    Run 200m

    Run 400m

    x 9 Clean and Jerks

    run 200m with 45/25 plate.

    Clean and Jerk options




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