Rope Climb
Warm-up Handstand Push-up Progression: -Pike Push-ups 2×5 ~Elevate Platform for HANDS if needed. ~Elevate 45# Plates until Feet are Level with Hands ~Remove one foot -Test Invereted Range of Motion Kipping: Keep Shins Parrell to the wall. Make first contact with the wall at full extension. Rope Climb Progression: J-Hook Demo ~if Grip Strength isn’t...
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Cameron (Time) For time: 50 Walking lunge steps 25 Chest to bar pull-ups 50 Box jumps, 24” 25 Triple-unders 50 Back extensions 25 Ring dips 50 Knees to elbows 25 Wallball “2-fer-1s”, 20# 50 Sit-ups 5 Rope Climbs, 15′ In honor of U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Cameron, 24, of Portland, OR, died...
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Clean and Jerk (10×1 @ 85% (ACROSS)) Metcon (Time) 75 Dubs 25 Wallballs 3 Rope Climbs 3 RFT
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Push Jerk (2-2-2-2-2 Across) Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Amrap 12 Dubs x 30 Push-jerk x9 Rope Climb x1
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Metcon (Time) 1K Row 80 Taters 60 Chest to Bar 40 GHD 20 Clean and Jerk 1 Rope Climb
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Metcon (Time) 400 M Run Rope Climb x 1 SDHP x 15 800 M Run Rope Climb x 2 SDHP x 15 1600 M Run Rope Climb x 3 SDHP x 15 800 M Run Rope Climb x 4 SDHP x 15 400 M Run
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Walking Lunge (4×10) Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 25 Run 400m x3 rope climbs x25 Burpees
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This week’s programming will be inspired by actual individual events at this years CrossFit Games. This week will be challenging in all aspects. We will still be testing our benchmarks as well. Work hard and have fun! Weightlifting Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1 *10 minutes to build to first set, then 1 rep every 2 minutes. Metcon...
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Push Press (10-8-6-4-2) Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 16 MInutes 20 Wallballs 10 Push Press 1 Rope Climb
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Weightlifting Snatch Complex High Hang Snatch – (3×3) Hang Snatch – (3×2) Snatch – (3×1) *increasing weight Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 10 Min AMRAP 5-10-15-20…etc kb/db snatch knees to elbow *1 rope climb after each round
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD – 8/14/18

    Side shuffle 100m l/r

    Run 400m

    Clean and Jerk Prep:

    Pull Under 1/4;Half;Full

    Tall Jerks x5

    Hang Clean x5

    Push Press x5

    Clean x5

    Jerk x5

    clean and jerk x3
    Clean and Jerk (x3)
    Take 12 minutes and Build to a heavy 3 rep Clean and Jerk. Touch’n Go Reps for the more expeierence. Reset to the floor if you are still developing a foundation.
    Metcon (Time)
    Run 200m

    Run 400m

    x 9 Clean and Jerks

    run 200m with 45/25 plate.

    Clean and Jerk options




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