Warm-up Min 0-5 Leg Swings Forearm Slides Overhead Squats Min 5-15 Snatch Pull-unders Hang Snatch Snatch Clean Jerk Min 15-20 Brief 20-45: Olympic Lifting Total (Total Weight) Snatch (1 Rep Max) Clean and Jerk (1 Rep Max) MIn 45-50 Aquire Rower and establish Metcon area. 50-60: Metcon (2 Rounds for reps) AMRAP 4 Row 500m...
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Warm-up Min 0-5 Brief Min 5-10 Pick Drill x20 Strokes Only Legs x20 Strokes Legs + Back x20 Strokes Legs + Back + Arms Min 10-15 Pull-up Prep: Hollow + Arch (Floor) Hollow + Arch (Hanging) Half Pull-up Pull-up Push-up Cat/Cow Plank Reach/Retract Half Push-up Push-up 15-60: Hamilton (Time) 3 Rounds for time of: 1000m...
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Warm-up Min 0-15 Run 200m DB/Kb Upright Row Run 200m DB/KB Press Run 100m w/DB or KB Min 15-20 Movement Prep: Swing (Keep Elbow pinned) Clean x5 Push-Press x5 20-60: Metcon (Time) Run 400m x15R/x15L DB/KB P. Cleans Run 400m x15R/x15L DB/KB Jerks Run 400m x200m DB/KB Carry 3 RFT
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Warm-up Min 0-5 & 10-15 Carl Paoli’s Squat Test Palm the floor w/feet @ Squat stance Hip Width Feet together Min 5-10 Mobilize Ankel & Hip Ankle: Dorsi Flexion x30 sec each foot Hips: Kneeling Thrust x10 Retest C.P.S.T. Min 15-25 Pistol Scaling: Single Leg Squat Pistol on Box Box Pistol Pistol Min 35-45 Select...
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Warm-up Min 0-8 Med Ball Carry 200m Hang 30 Sec x10 Air Squats Min 8-16 Plate Carry 200m Rope Pull-ups x10 (Rows x20) x10 Front Squats Min 16-25 Bar Carry 200m x1 Rope Climb x10 Thrusters Min 25-30 Breif Min 30-40 Establish workout areas and Potty. 40-60: Dae Han (Time) 3 Rounds for time of:...
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Warm-up MIn 0-5 Side Shuffle x100m (R/L) x10 Burpees x10 Jumping Lunges Min 5-10 Front Squat Prep Front Squat 1/4;1/2;Full Min 25-35 Metcon Rehersal Run 200m Burpee to target x5 10-25: Front Squat (Every 90 Sec x5 reps) -Increase weight every set. -If you establish a 5RM before time runs out then drop down in...
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15-30: 3 Position Clean (Build to a heavy complex) -Hip/Knee/Floor Warm-up Min 1-10 200m run x10 Broad jumps 200m run x10 Plyo Push-ups 200m Run x10 Air Squats Min 10-15 Clean Prep: Footwork x10 h/m/l High hang Clean x10 Hang Clean x10 Clean x10 30-60: Metcon (10 Rounds for time) 400m Repeats x10 -Run at...
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Warm-up Min 0-10 Forward/backward Sprints x10 downward Dog to push-up x10 Kb windmill x10 Half Kneeling Press x10 Min10-15 Push-Press Prep: Press Dip/Drive Push-Press Min 25-40 Metcon prep Run 200m x3 push Press x5 Knee Tucks Run 200m x3 Push-Press x5 Toes to Bar 15-25: Push Press (Build to a 3RM) 40-60: Metcon (Time) Run...
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Warm-up Min 0-10 Run 200m x10 Kip Swings Run 200m x10 Burpees run 200m x10 Air Squats Min 10-15 OHS Prep: 1/4 1/2 Full Min 30-45 Metcon Rehersal 200m Run x5 Pull-ups/Jumping Pull-ups x5 Burpees 200m Run x3 Chest to Bar x3 Burpees 15-30: Overhead Squat (Build to a 15RM) 45-60: Metcon (Time) 800m run...
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20-35: Front Squat (x2) 15m to find a 2 rep Front Squat Warm-up MIn 1-15 Run 200m x10 Kip Swings x10 Air Squats Run 200m x10 Pull-ups x10 Front Squats (PVC) run 200m x10 C2B x10 Front Squats (Bar) Min 15-20 Workout Briefing: -Front Squats *Keep mechanics above weight **Make manageable increases in weight. ***If...
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 10/20/18

    Min 0-5

    Relay Tic-tack-toe

    Min 5-15

    Metcon Prep:

    Hollow Arch (Hanging)

    Half Pull-ups

    Pull-ups 2×5


    Sumo DL





    Min 15-20


    Min 20-30

    Establish Stations
    30-60: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)





    Farmers Carry

    Push-Press 135/95
    Total reps each round

CrossFit Teens

  • CrossFit Teens WOD 10/12/18

    Push Press (5-5-5-5-5+)
    Metcon (Time)
    Partner WOD