Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Bike Toes to bar Row Handstand push-ups 45:15 6 rounds Complete each movements in a Circuit. 45 seconds of effort and 15 seconds of rest/transition time Warm-up Row 1k Bike 1 mile Handstand push-up Progression Pike/deficit pike x5 Strict HSPU x5 Kip Efficiency x5 Toes to bar progression Knee Tucks x10...
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Paused Front Squat (5×1 Building) Warm-up 45:15 – 2 rounds Side shuffle Knee tucks/Leg Lifts Ring rows/Strict Pull-ups Front squat Prep: Air Squat x10 Front Squat x10 5 Coaches Pace/5 Personal Pace Post Strength: Visual And Verbal Prep for Metcon Front Squat (4×12 @ 60% of pause squat) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Air Squats x15...
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Warm-up Inch Worm x5 Reverse Lunge x10 Leg Lifts x5 3 Rounds Front Squat Progression 1/4 squats w/Pause x5 Parallel x5 Bottom x5 Paused Front Squat (3×3) 5 Sec. Coaches Pace. Front Squat (4×8 Across) 5-10# increase from last week Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Amrap 8 Wall Walk x3 Toes to Bar x15
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Warm-up Pike 5 sec R leg Lunge w/elbow to floor 5 sec R Leg Rotation in lunge 5 sec Switch legs. Toes to bar progressions Knee tucks x10 Toes to Hips x10 Toes to chest hold x3 Kipping toes to waist x5 Increase range over the course of 4 more sets *goal on the non-kipping...
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Warm-up 45:15 Intervals x3 Jump rope burpees PIke Hold Push Jerk (5-5-5-3-3-3) Across for the 5’s Across for the 3’s Example Warm-ups x5 w/Bar x5 w/45 x3 @ 60 x2 @ 70 Working Sets between 70-85# Metcon (Time) 5 rounds for time push-ups x10 toes to bar x10 dubs x20 Wear a vest if you...
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Warm-up Rowing Legs x10 Legs/back Swing x10 Legs/Back Swing/ Arms x10 Row 100m rest 1m Row 500m Toddler Row x10 Superman w/pivot x10/10 Leg Lifts/Strict TTB x10/x5 PVC Work Deadlift x10 Coached x10 Personal Pace   Deadlift (10×2 Build)   Metcon (Time) Row 21 Deadlift 15 225/155 Toes to bar x9 3 RFT
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Warm-up Jumping jacks x50 Leg lifts (hanging) x20 Jumping lunge x20 5 point squat x5 (grab toes; pull hips down/chest up;R arm over head; L arm over head/ stand) Back Squat (10-8-6-4-2) One set every 2 minutes Warm-up example: x5 w/bar x5 @ 95# x3 @ 135# Working sets: X10 @ 185# x8 @ 225#...
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Deadlift (3×8 Across) 10-20# up from last week Stiff Leg DL (3×15) 70% of weight used for deadlifts. Metcon (Time) 100m Sprint Box jump overs x30 toes to bar x10 5 RFT
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Shoulder Press (5×8 Across) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Push-ups Toes to bar Air Squats 3-6-9-12-15-18-21—— AMRAP 9
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Metcon (2 Rounds for time) Row Toes to bar 21-15-9 rest 5 min Row Push-Press 21-15-9
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD – 8/14/18

    Side shuffle 100m l/r

    Run 400m

    Clean and Jerk Prep:

    Pull Under 1/4;Half;Full

    Tall Jerks x5

    Hang Clean x5

    Push Press x5

    Clean x5

    Jerk x5

    clean and jerk x3
    Clean and Jerk (x3)
    Take 12 minutes and Build to a heavy 3 rep Clean and Jerk. Touch’n Go Reps for the more expeierence. Reset to the floor if you are still developing a foundation.
    Metcon (Time)
    Run 200m

    Run 400m

    x 9 Clean and Jerks

    run 200m with 45/25 plate.

    Clean and Jerk options




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