Warm-up Crossover symmetry before class Leg swings and ankle rotations Wall forearm slides Push-up to downward dog Handstand Push-ups (Max unbroken handstand push-ups) Pull-ups (Max unbroken kipping pull-ups) Toes-To-Bar (Max unbroken toes to bar) AMRAP: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 12 minutes 30 foot plate push (45/35) 30 plate ground to overhead 30 ft...
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Warm-up Couch stretch Chinese stretch/straddle stretch Partner Handstand Hold 30 sec L-sit Hold 15 sec + 10 Metcon Prep: 3 rounds progressing in skill Lunge x10 Knee tucks/leg lifts/toes to bar x5 Push-up/pike Push-up/HSPU Burpee Box Jumps x5 Metcon (Time) Buy in – 30 Cal Bike Then 50 lunges 40 toes to bar 30 handstand...
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Warm-up Before Class Starts: CS Activation 1×10 Inch worm Fire hydrant Strict toes2Hips Clean Prep: Pull-under halting hang clean Clean Metcon Prep: Knee tucks Toes to waist Toes to head Toes to bar Clean Complex High Hang Clean – (3×3) Hang Clean – (3×2) Clean – (3×1) Metcon (Time) Hang Power Clean 165/105 Toes to...
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Warm-up Before Class Starts CS:Activation Row 30 cal 10 slow/20 fast L-sit Hang 2x20sec Windmill x10 Overhead lunge + half kneeling press x5 each arm Overhead Squat Prep: 1/4 1/2 Full Overhead Squat (5-5-5-5+) Metcon (Time) Row 15 cal Toes to bar x12 Goblet Box step overs x9 70/53 Amrap 12
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Warm-up CS: Activation before class Row 250m/200m Push-up to to touch x10 Row 250m/200m Overhead Squat x10 Sot Press 3×5 Build Snatch Prep: Deadlift Pull-under Hang Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Toes to Bar Prep: Leg Lift x5 Toes to bar x3 Snatch Grip DL + Snatch (10×1) *EMOM **Build Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)...
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Metcon (Time) Row 25 Cal 50 sit ups Row 25 Cal 50 KBS Row 25 Cal 50 Toes to Bar Row 25 Cal 50 HSPU Row 50 Cal
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Warm-up Row 1:30/:30 X3 R1 SPM 22-24 R2 SPM X30 R3 SPM x22-24 Straddle stretch L/R/M Straddle Lift x10 Pike lig lift x10 Hanging Shoulder retractions x10 Kip Swings x10 Sumo Squat x10 Narrow Squat x10 Air Squat x10 Front squat Prep: Front Rack lecture: Natural Elbow Angle 1/4 1/2 Full Metcon Prep: Step overs...
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Warm-up Min 0-5 Run 400m Min 5-10 Sot press 3×5 *Build Min 10-15 Pull-under Hang Snatch Snatch Min 30-40 Metcon Prep Kip Swings Knee tucks Leg lifts Toes to Bar 40-48 OHS x5 Toes to bar x5 *2 rounds building to metcon weight 15-30: Snatch (2-2-2-2-2) *Build **One round every 2 min 48-60: Metcon (Time)...
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Fried Turkey (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) x9 toes to bar x7 burpees x5 thrusters Amrap 30
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Warm-up Min 0-15 Band Pull-aparts 45 sec Side plank 45 sec Press x15 w/Bar 2 rounds Min 15-20 Push Press Progression Dip/Drive Push Press Min 20-25 Briefing Min 45-50 WOD Rehearsal 30 dubs/singles x10 Hang Power Snatch (bar then metcon weight) x10 KneeTucks/toes to bar x1 Box Circle/Handstand walk 10-15ft 30-42: Push Press (Max Reps)...
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Workout of the Day


  • 2/19/19

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitWarm-upDip Support (Box or Rings) x30 Sec
    Goblet Squat x10
    Stiffleg DL x10
    Single Arm Press x10

    Complex Prep
    Bent Over Rower
    Upright Row
    BN Press

    Metcon Prep:
    Ring Dip Scaling (Ring Dips > Box Dips > Floor Dips(KB/DB)Posterior Complex (5×1)Deadlift x12
    Bent Over Rower x9
    Upright Row x6
    BN Press x3*Perform all 30 reps without dropping bar
    **Manage weight to grips abilityWilmot (Time)6 Rounds for time of:
    50 Squats
    25 Ring DipsIn honor of Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, 24, of Fredericton, NB, died on July 6, 2008To learn more about Wilmot click here

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