Warm-up Banded side steps Banded Squat Iso pull Iso Squat 2 rounds 30 sec each Pick drill Catch to extension Thruster Prep Front Squat Push Press Thruster Metcon (Weight) Every 3 min for 30 min Row 300/250m x6 Thrusters *Row should take no longer than 1 minute. Adust the distance to match your abilities **Increase...
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Warm-up Intro / Overview: 5 min Warm up: 10-15 min Stones: Hip opener Step by step to shoulder -experiment w/ weights One step to shoulder -experiment w/ weight -shirt emblazoned Sandbags -carries -ground to shoulder Close / Depart
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Warm-up Candle Stick lateral steps (banded) 1m each arm. Candle Stick Squat x10 each arm (banded) Front rack hold 30 sec Front squat hold 30 sec Front squat x10 Metcon Prep: Beat swings/pull-ups/chest to bars increasing thruster bar. starting with empty bar and building to weight over 3 sets. Discuss rotations. 3.2.1.Go! Front Squat (10-8-5-5-5-5-5)...
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Warm-up Metcon (No Measure) Row 15/12 Cals then Unbroken Set of: 5 Power Cleans 4 Shoulder to Overhead 3 Thruster Every 4 Min for 28 Min *Perform all 12 reps without releasing the hands from your barbell **Main goal of the workout is to maintain consistent work times. ***Utilize a confident weight on the barbell...
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Warm-up Hamstring Curls Supine banded heel pulls Front Squat Hold Metcon Prep: Run 200m Front Squat Run 200m Press Run 200m Thruster *Coach lead on barbell movements. Metcon (8 Rounds for reps) Run 200m Max Thrusters 90:3m x8 *Maintain consistent running/Thruster times. Reps will vary. **Increase Thruster Weight each round. ***Don’t push past what you...
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Warm-up Cal Bike 30 Sec @ conversation pace *Rest in plank/Bottom of squat while waiting for bike **Perform 2 rounds of bike. DB Thruster Prep: DB/KB Press DB/KB Front Squat DB/KB Thruster Metcon Rehearsal: Practice Rotation. Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds) :90/3m 15/12 Cal Bike Unbroken DB/KB Thrusters Repeat until 75 Thrusters are acquired. *Target is...
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Warm-up Arm Cirlces Stationary Lunge w/twist Jump Tucks Behind the head Push-ups Overhead Squat (pvc) Knee tucks 15-12-9 (conditioned) 9-6-3 (New) Snatch Prep: Pull-under Dip/Drive/Drop Hang Snatch Snatch Metcon Prep: Pull-up scaling Barbell scaling 3.2.1.Go. Snatch + OHS (4×3+2) *Build **Purpose: Building Stamina and Confidence in the Snatch and OHS ***Maintain a weight that will...
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Warm-up Inch worm x5 Hollow Arch (Hanging) DB/KB Front Squats x10 DB/Kb Front Squats x10 Practice Kick to HS x10 (wall or open floor) Beat Swings x10 Barbell thruster x10 HSPU Scaling (deficit, Pike, hand release) Chest to Bar Scaling (MU, C2B, Pull-ups, Ring Rows) Thrusters (Build to weight) Metcon (5 Rounds for time) Every...
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Warm-up Knee Tucks x10 Air Squats x10 Leg Lifts x10 KB/DB Front Squat x10 KB/DB Press x10 Toes to Bar x5 Kb/DB thrusters x5 Metcon Rehersal: 5 Bikes = 15 person possibility Example: Heat 1 Min :00 – 2:59 Heat 2 Min 3:00-5:59 Heat 3 Min 6:00-8:59 Heat 1 Min 9:00-11:59 (round 2) Continue….. Metcon...
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Warm-up On hands and knees: Shoulder Rotations Fire hydrant Burpee to Squat Hollow Arch Iron Mikes 2 rounds Thruster Prep: Front Squat Press Thruster Metcon Rehearsal: Pull-up Progression Push-up Standard Air Squat Demo Then 1 round 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats 5 Thruster Metcon (3 Rounds for time) 3 rounds (Cindy) 5 Pull-ups...
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Workout of the Day


  • Weightlifting Clinic: Snatch

    Snatch Clinic Agenda:

    Introduction: 0-5 min


    Warm-Up: 5-20 min

    -Crossover Symmetry / Ankle Flexion / Junk Yard Dog

    Skill Drills: 20-50 min

    (Burgender Warm-up)

    -Down & Finish (Speed Through Middle)

    -Down & Finish Elbows high and outside (keep bar close)

    -Muscle Snatch (Turnover Strength)

    -Snatch Lands (Footwork)

    -Snatch Drop (Footwork, OH Strength, Speed)

    (Skill Transfer Exercise)

    -Snatch Grip Push Press (OH Strength)

    -Overhead Squat (Core Strength)

    -Heaving Snatch Balance (Arm Speed)

    -Snatch Balance w/ & w/o Dip (Footwork, Arm Speed)

    5 Min Break 50-55 min

    Movement Breakdown: 55-85 min

    -High Hang Snatch (creating a pocket, hips act as a thrower not pusher, weight distribution, shrug does not force bar higher)

    -Hang Snatch (Weight distribution, bar to the hips, achieve the high hang)

    -Snatch (weight distribution, body position/angles, initial pull)

    Snatch: 85-120 min

    Closing Remarks…

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