Wall Ball
Warm-up Wallballs x10 Shuttle Sprint Burpees x10 Shuttle Sprint Jump Rope x100 Shuttle Sprint Snatch Prep Drop Snatch 1/2/Parallel/Deep Squat High Hang Snatch x5 Hang Snatch x5 Snatch x5 Hang Snatch + Snatch (5×2+2) Across Metcon (Time) Wallballs x20 Burpees x40 Dubs x60 3 RFT Compare Score to 4/3/18
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Warm-up 400m run Med ball Front squats x10 Kb Deadlift x5 each arm KB press x5 each arm Metcon (Time) 5 RFT 800m run 30 wallballs 30 KB Clean and Jerk (15 each arm)
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Warm-up Banded couch stretch Banded Walk 90 sec Swimmers x8 Rainbow x8 HSPU Prep: Deficit Pike x5 Elevated Pike/Deficit Pike x5 Strict HSPU x5 Kipping Attempts/Clean-up x5 Demo Lunges/Box Jumps/Wallballs Blake (Time) 4 Rounds for time of: 100′ Walking lunge, 45lb plate overhead 30 Box jumps, 24” 20 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# 10 Handstand push-ups In...
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Warm-up Run 200m Box Step overs x10 Taters x10 2 rounds Scorpion x10 Sit-to-getup x5 Air Squat x10 Workout Prep: ~Establish Exercise Zones Then 1 Round 5 KB Swings 5 Box Jumps 5 Burpees 5 Wallball shots Whitten (Time) 5 Rounds for time: 22 Kettlebell swings, 70# 22 Box jump, 24” 400m Run 22 Burpees...
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Nutts (Time) 10 Handstand Push-ups 15 Deadlifts, 250# 25 Box Jumps, 30″ 50 Pull-ups 100 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# 200 Double-Unders 400m Run with a 45# Plate In honor of Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, stationed in Edmonton, AB died on December 23, 2009. To learn more about Nutts click here
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Metcon (Time) Partner WOD 4k Row 1k Med Ball Carry 200 Wallballs
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Warm-up Amrap 5 Row 250/200m Wallball x10 (Light and unbroken) Power Clean + Push Jerk Progression Jump Land x5 @ waist/shoulders High Hang P. Clean + Push Jerk x5 Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk x5 Power Clean + Push Jerk x5 Power Clean + Push Jerk (4×2+1) 15 Min to Build to a heavy...
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Warm-up Dot Drill x1 min Rest 30 sec Jump rope x30sec 4 Rounds Squat W/Rotation x8 Shoulder Circles x20 small/x20 Big ~forward and backward Push-Jerk Progression Press x5 Push-Press x5 Jump and Land x5 Push-Jerk x5 (Pause on catch 3-5 seconds) Push Jerk (2-2-2-1-1-1) Warm-up Example: x5 w/bar x5 @ 75# x3 @ 95# x2...
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Warm-up Plate Jumps (bounding) x25 Jumping Lunge x20 Scorpion x10 Swimmers x5 Push Jerk Warm-up Press x10 Push-press x5 Jump/Land x5 Push Jerk x5 (pause on landing) Push Jerk (3-3-3-3-3-3 Build) Example Warm-up x5 w/bar x5 @ 65# x3 @ 95# x3 @ 115# x2 @ 125 Working Sets: 135/155/165/175/185/195 Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and...
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High Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (5×3 Across) Every 2 min Example Warm-up x5 w/35# bar x5 @ 45# x3 @ 55# x2 @ 60# Perform Complex @ 65-75# Warm-up 2 Rounds 3-5 strict pull-ups x5 Parter Wallball Throws Jump/Land x5 High Hang Clean x5 Hang Clean x5 Complex run through x5 Metcon...
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD – 8/14/18

    Side shuffle 100m l/r

    Run 400m

    Clean and Jerk Prep:

    Pull Under 1/4;Half;Full

    Tall Jerks x5

    Hang Clean x5

    Push Press x5

    Clean x5

    Jerk x5

    clean and jerk x3
    Clean and Jerk (x3)
    Take 12 minutes and Build to a heavy 3 rep Clean and Jerk. Touch’n Go Reps for the more expeierence. Reset to the floor if you are still developing a foundation.
    Metcon (Time)
    Run 200m

    Run 400m

    x 9 Clean and Jerks

    run 200m with 45/25 plate.

    Clean and Jerk options




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