CrossFit WOD 11/04/19


Wall sits

Dead bugs

Banded lateral walks

Banded squats

Back squat prep




Metcon prep

“Thumbs back” on KB work

Build to starting weight


Pause Back Squat (3×3 Across)

*Keep weights across. Increase weight from last week.

**Slow tempo in decent. 3-5s

***The pause is a big variable that will effect the weight. Make it challenging, but precision is still the priority.

****Increase weight from last week.

Metcon (Time)

100 Double unders

20 KB Clean and jerk each arm

800m run

20 KB Clean & Jerks each arm

100 Double unders
*KB CJ are from the hip.

**Perform all clean and jerks on one arm before switching. 1-2 sets to complete.

***Work smart in the beginning and find that sweet spot and push hard through the end.