CrossFit WOD 12/26/19



Push press wallball 10/11

Monkey hang (alt arm hanging)

DB Upright row to overhead


Push ups

KB Snatch

Ring dips

Talk intent and efficiency.

Metcon (Time)

Db/kb snatch x10

Wallballs x20

Ring dips/dips x30

Wallballs x20

DB/KB Snatchx10

Rest 4m

3 Rounds
*The time domain on this will vary. Those able to do sets of 10+ pull ups will see rounds in the 5-6m range. Those that struggle with less than 5 will see 7-8m rounds.

**Alt arms on the snatches.

***The first round should be done urgently.

****The second round should see a slight increase in time to completion

*****The last round should be incredibly labored with an increase in time OR an extremely potent stimulus.