CrossFit WOD 12/7/2020


– Roll out calves, glutes, lats, and t-spine

– Check chest, biceps and triceps for any unnecessary tension. If they feel tight, address them as well.

– Ankle Flexion: 3 Sets, 8 reps each ankle. (Video below)

1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Secure the band around a post on the rig, and then wrap it around one foot.

3. Slowly point your toes up toward you and then return to the starting position.

– Hip Opener (Video below)

Perform both movements until you feel an objective change in the hip. The change should feel as if there is a greater range of motion that was not there prior to the stretch.

– Shoulders

1. Banded pull-aparts x15

2. Banded front lever pull downs x15 (band will be attached to the rig overhead)

3. Banded Pass-Throughs x15

Overhead Squat (1-1-1-1-1)
CrossFit Games Open 11.4 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10-Minute AMRAP of:
60 Bar-Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats, 120# / 90#
10 Muscle-Ups
– Your success in this test will hinge upon your ability to express sound mechanics in the overhead squat (OHS), and while under a ton of metabolic stress. Prior to the WOD, make sure you eliminate any impediments in the OHS to the extent possible.

– If you are able to make it to the Muscle-Ups and know that ability is not there, select the appropriate scale down, i.e. C2B, Pull-up, Jumping Pull-Up.