CrossFit WOD 2/12/20


1m intervals

Sit in straddle

Lift right leg

Lift left leg

Straddle flutter

2 rounds

Bird dog/one to elbow x10

Calf raise in squat x10

Plank to Sphinx push 30s +5

2 rounds

Metcon prep:

KBS – heels down/hinge

Push up – knees/feet/toes

Wallball – flat foot throw

KBSN- transition @ floor v hip

Knees to elbows- knee tuck/knee to armpit/knee to elbow (arm bend to 90)

KBSDHP – Hips/knees/high elbows

Metcon (Time)

35 KBS

35 push ups

35 Wallball

35 KB Snatch

35 Knees to elbows


2 rounds