CrossFit WOD 2/6/20


Movement Prep:

Upright row w/hold

Upright row to overhead

BN press/half squat/squat

Overhead squat

Snatch prep:

Deficit (on plates)


Muscle snatch

Power snatch h/m/l


Snatch (3-2-1 x3)

*There are 9 total sets.

**Increase weight each wave.

***Develop a focus throughout the warm-up that will best develop YOUR lift.

Metcon (Time)

150 dubs OR 10/15 cal bike

25 OHS 85/55

100 dubs or 7/12 cal bike

15 OHS

50 dubs or 5/9 cal bike
*Hit this one hard.

**Jumprope is rewarded with calm, cool, and collect demeanor. Stress and “speed” will cause mistakes.

***Sub dubs for Bike to preserve the stimulus. Spend 5m IMMEDIATELY post wod practicing DUBS. (Standing double, double single double, or attempts at linking them)