CrossFit WOD 2/7/20


Banded 90/90 rotations

DB Press

2×6 Build

Push press prep:

Dip, drive

Dip, drive, press

Rhythm: 1-and-2

HSPU Prep:


Hand stand

Strict HSPU practice (acquire 10 or more at a challenging height)

Push press comparison w/Kip

Toes to bar prep:

Lat press

Knee tucks (shallow then deep)

Leg lifts

Talk quads past parallel

Toes to bar in intervals

Push Press (5×3)


**Focus on the rhythm component.

***A confident yet challenging effort.

Metcon (Time)

Wallball x85

Toes to bar x55

Handstand push-ups/push-ups x25

*Impress yourself with the first set of Wallball

**Be smart on the T2B. Break it consistently and scale to what your able to keep reps linked together.