CrossFit WOD 2/8/2021

Hip Mobility (No Measure)

Prone Hip External Rotation Lift Offs (90 Degrees) x 15 Reps (Holding a few seconds each rep)

Hip External Rotation Lift Overs x 15 Reps

Standing Hip CARs x 5 on each side

Band External Rotation + Frog Pump Combo x 30 Reps

Back Squat (5@65% – 5@75% x 5@85%)

The last wave of squats ended last week. At the beginning of that wave, most of you had established a “90%” which equated to 90% of whatever your 1 rep max was at the time. Subsequently, each percentage prescribed at each set would therein be calculated based off whatever that number, the “90%”, would equate to.

This week, add 10 lbs to your previously established 90%, then utilize that number to calculate the percentages prescribed moving forward.

Metcon (No Measure)


Thruster x 5

Pull-Up x 5

*Establish consistent and precise movement throughout.

**Choose weights and scaled variants that allow the athlete the ability to perform both movements unbroken for the majority of the workout.