CrossFit WOD 5/24/19


3 rounds NOT for time

Side plank 30 sec

Strict Press x10-8-6

Banded Pull-aparts x15

Push-Press Prep:

Dip Drive


Metcon Prep:

Wallball x5

Clean and Jerk x3

Dubs x10

2-3 rounds building to Metcon weight.

Push Press (5-5-5-3-3-3)


**Keep feet flat (May feel slower)

***Hold bar on chest between each set. (No bounding)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Wallball 3-6-9-12——-

Hang Clean and Jerk 1-2-3-4—–

Dub x25

Amrap 10
*Utilize a challenging wallball weight

**CJ should be a familiar and confident weight

***Expect fatigue to affect dubs. Set small goals and stay consistent.

Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 12/13/19

    Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
    Min 1 -C2B/Pull-ups

    Min 2- Plank on hands

    Min 3 – Overhead squats

    Min 4 – alt leg toes to bar

    Min 5- recovery pace row.

    4 rounds
    * Each movement will affect the other. Play it smart and apply your efforts evenly across all sets.

CrossFit Teens

  • CrossFit Teens WOD 12/11/19

    Clean (2-2-2-2-2)
    Increase weight
    Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
    2 RDS for reps

    5 min Calorie Bike


    10 AMRAP

    5 Pullups

    10 Pushups

    15 Squats