CrossFit WOD 8/23/19


Banded side steps

Banded squats

Back Squat Prep:

Pause Back squat (coaches pace)

Metcon Prep:

Row 250/200m

Box jump x5

Row 250/200m

Lateral Box jump x5 (each side)

Row 250/200m

Bounding (pvc)

Row 250/200m

Box Jump overs.

Pause Back Squat (5×2)


**This is the final week. Cherish these reps and learn some lasting lessons about your squat.

***Move explosively, yet precise.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Row 500/400m

Box jump overs x30

Amrap 15
*The simplicity can be misleading. Set a maintainable, yet challenging pace on the rower.

**PRACTICE your jumping. The box jumps can be very fast or really slow. Use a height that will allow for nimble bounding.

***Row should be no longer than 2:30m and Box jumps should take just over a minute. Scale up or down to achieve these standards.