CrossFit WOD 8/30/19


5m of double under practice BEFORE class

Bar asst squat hold

Squat hold (front rack)

Press in split/jerk


Push press

Hang clean

Tall jerk

Clean & jerk

Metcon prep:

10 dubs

10 sit-ups

3 chin-ups/MU

Clean and Jerk (3×2)

*15m to build to your heaviest 2 rep for today.

**3×2 @ 80%. Aim for consistency and routine movement.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

100 dubs/singles

30 sit-ups

15 MU/chin-ups
*strive for unbroken jump rope and sit-ups

**bar or rings for MU

***jumping chin-up w/slow lower for scale

Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 12/10/19

    Plyo ladder



    t-get up prep:

    10 steps
    Metcon (Weight)
    50ft plate push

    75 double unders

    X2 Turkish get ups

    Rest 1m

    5 rounds
    *Be patient with the plate push. If it isn’t working, try a different approach. Problem solve to find efficiency.

    **Substitute a 45s sprint on the bike in lue of ability to do double unders.

    ***Turkish get up should be a challenge on its own and require a ton of focus under fatigue. If a rep is failed, it means rest longer.

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