CrossFit WOD 9/16/19


Wall Sit 45 sec

Side Plank 45 sec

Good Morning x15

Suit Case Deadlift w/bar x10 each side

Sumo Deadlift Prep



Sumo Deadlift

Metcon Prep:

Demo Movements

First round walkthrough


Sumo Deadlift (15-10-8-5-5-5-5-5)


**Challenge your abilities but retain movement quality.

Metcon (No Measure)

Single Leg RDL w/Row x10 each side

Lateral Step up x10

Half Squat Iso Press 30 sec

Banded Deadbugs x10 each leg

Palloff Press in hinge x10 each side

4 rounds

Workout of the Day


  • Sunday, December 5th 2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFit
    Warm-up (No Measure)
    Warm up

    A. General

    EMOM 6mins

    1- 60 sec cal Row/Bike/Ski or 200m Run @Easy

    2- 25’/25′ Single arm OH Carry + 3-5 scap pulls

    3- 20 Seconds/side PNF lat stretch on floor

    B. Mobility

    Prayer stretch with foam roller

    3 x 5-10 breaths while holding the stretch


    C. Specific

    2 sets

    -7 Banded W-Y

    -5 beat swings

    -7 Ring rows + pause

    -5 beat swings

    7 V-ups
    A: Metcon (Time)
    For time

    100 Sit-ups

    10 Wall walks

    75 Sit-ups

    7 Wall walks

    50 Sit-ups

    5 Wall walks
    Score: Time

    TC: 20mins


    For time

    50 Sit-ups

    10 Inch worms

    35 Sit-ups

    7 Inch worms

    25 Sit-ups

    5 Inch worms


    For time

    100 Sit-ups

    5 Wall walks

    75 Sit-ups

    3 Wall walks

    50 Sit-ups

    1 Wall walks
    Extra Accessory
    Metcon (Weight)
    Wide stance Good morn…

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