Warm-up (No Measure) complete 2 sets: single-under x 50 rest pause air squat x 8 rest bottoms up kb press x 5L/5R rest straight leg sit-up x 8 Unbroken Double-unders (AMRAP – Reps) Utilize 10 minutes of class to over drills, progressions, practice, and then perform 1 max effort attempt at as many unbroken double-unders...
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Warm-up (No Measure) 3 Movements: Assault Bike Single- Unders Bottom OH Squat Hold w/pvc pipe Coach note: Have class spend 1 minute at each “station”. Separate class into groups and rotate movements in the event the class exceeds the amount of bikes available. **Complete 2 Sets** Athlete note: Within each minute you do not have...
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Warm-up (No Measure) Complete: Banded Side Steps x 20 (10L/10R) Rest 20 Sec Banded Forward Walk x 20 (10L/10R) Rest 20 Sec Banded Backward Walk x 20 (10L/10R) Rest 20 Sec Banded Pull-Throughs (Hip Opener) x 20 Metcon (Time) For Time: 150 double-unders 1500m row 100 double-unders 1000m row 50 double-unders 500m row
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Metcon (Time) 5 rounds for time of: 50 double-unders 15 box jumps 1 shuttle sprint (5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards) Rest 2 minutes ♀ 20-in. box ♂ 24-in. box
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Warm-up (No Measure) Tabata Superman/Hollow Body Hold: 4 Sets: 0:00-0:20: Superman Hold 0:20-0:30: Rest 0:30-0:50: Hollow Body Hold 0:50-1:00: Rest Then… 50 Singles-Unders Dual KB/DB Strict Press x 8 25 Double-Unders Dual KB/DB Strict Press x 6 10 Triple-Unders Dual KB/DB Strict Press x 4 Handstand Push-ups (3 Max Effort Sets) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)...
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Warm-up (No Measure) Complete Crossover Symmetry “Activation” program Metcon (4 Rounds for reps) 4 Rounds: Min 1: 45sec Plank Hold Min 2: DB/KB Snatch, alt. Min 3: 45sec Dual Suitcase Hold Min 4: Double Under *Snatch and Double Under reps combined to total each round. You will enter the total for each 4 rounds.
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Warm-up (No Measure) General Warm-Up: Complete 2 Rounds: Single-Unders x 30 Sec Rest 15 Ring Row x 8 Double-Unders x 30 Sec Rest 15 Hand-Release Push-up x 8 Strict pull-ups/Ring Dips (AMRAP – Reps) 3 Strict pull-ups 3 Ring dips AMRAP 5 Annie (Time) 50-40-30-20-10 Double-unders Sit-ups
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Warm-up Roll Out calves Complete 2 sets: Toe Raises (see video below; 3 second hold at the top) x 15 Calf Raises (use 45# plate; 3 second hold at top) x 15 90/90 Hip Stretch (45 seconds each way) *T-Spine: Wall Rotations (8L/8R) Kneeling Rotations (8L/8R) Foam Roller Extension x 15 Preacher Position x 15...
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Warm-up 2 Rounds: Quadruped Crawl (Crawl the width of the designated work space. Start at one side, crawl to the other, then crawl back) Rest 15 sec Hip Bridge x8 Rest 15 Sec Single leg Hip Bridge (x8/each leg) Rest 15 Seconds Single Unders x 50 Rest 15 Seconds Alternating Bird Dog Crunch x10 total...
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Warm-up Roll Out: Take some time to address any areas of concern yesterday’s workout may have flared up. Assuming you reached the intended level of intensity in yesterday’s workout, odds are you have something screaming at you, give it some TLC. Those of you that are not sore, go through the motion and make good...
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Workout of the Day


  • 2/25/2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitMuscle-ups (muscle-up practice )items to cover:

    – false grip/normal grip
    – hollow and arch position
    – hips to rings, rings to sternum
    – support position

    – Muscle-up modification (see video)5k Row (Time)Max Effort 5k Row

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