Warm-up Calf Stretches Hold bottom of squat 1 minute Squat therapy Pass Throughs x10 Sots Press with PVC x10 Overhead Squat Technique Overhead Squat (15 minutes to establish heaviest lift for the day) Metcon (Time) 3 RFT 100 ft Farmers Carry 30 Situps 30 KBS
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Metcon (3 Rounds for reps) 3 Rounds KB Swings Pushups Burpee Box Jump Overs Situps Air Squats Partner workout Alternate movements One partner works 60s while the other rests
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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Partner WOD 20 AMRAP A-400m row B-10 KBS 10 KB Box Step Overs Partner A will row 400m while partner B completes rounds of movements. Once Partner A completes 400m you must switch places. Score is total rounds and reps
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Front Squat (5@40% – 5@50% – 5@60%) Metcon (No Measure) 4 Rounds Min 1: 15 cal row Min 2: 10 thrusters Min 3: 10 pull-ups Min 4: 15 kb swings Min 5: rest
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Front Squat 5@45% 5@55% 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% Metcon (Time) 30-20-10 KBS Toes to Bar 50 Double Unders after every round
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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Three 5-minute rounds of: 200-m farmer carry Then as many reps as possible of: 5 burpees 10 kettlebell swings Rest 2 minutes between rounds. ♀ 16-kg KBs ♂24-kg KBs *Utilize dumbbells for farmer carry Scaling: Reduce the kettlebell load so you can move with limited rest on both the carries and...
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L-Sit (Practice L-Sit for 10 Minutes ) Pick one or many of the variations below and practice for the duration of the 10 minutes: – Front Scale – Back Scale – Seated single leg raise, hands behind torso – Seated single leg raise, hands by hips – Supine single leg raise – Supine leg raise...
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T-Spine Mobility (#2) (No Measure) Complete 2 Sets: Kneeling Thoracic Spine Extension x 15 Reps Wall Angels x 15 Reps Thoracic Bridge x 5/each way Quadruped Thread the Needle & Open Book- Band x 10/each way Handstand Holds Select from the following: 1. Free Stand 2. Wall or Partner assist 3. Pike Hold Perform 5...
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Back Squat (3@70%- 3@80% – 3+@90%) Metcon (5 Rounds for time) Every 5:00 x 5 sets: 30s Max Effort Air Bike 15 American Kettlebell Swings
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Metcon (Time) For Time: 30-20-10 Cal Row KB Swing Goblet Squat *use same kettlebell for kb swing and goblet squat. Hang Power Clean (3-3-3-3-3) *Utilize same weight across
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 5/14/21

    Prone Y’s

    Prone T’s

    Prone Presses

    Reverse Snow Angel

    Yoga Pushups

    Goblet Squat Hold

    Goblet Squats

    Goblet Squat Thruster

    Metcon (8 Rounds for time)
    8 Rounds every 3 Minutes

    12/10 calorie Bike

    10 DB Thrusters 35/25

    8 Burpee Box Jump Overs

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