CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFit Warm-up (No Measure) A. General 3 rounds 30 sec Row or Bike 30 sec Inch worms B. Mobility Rotating scorpions 60 seconds C. Specific 3 sets 10 sec Wall facing HS hold 5 Bench press @ascending Gymnastics A: Metcon (Weight) 3 sets 5-10 Bench press @60% 30 sec HS hold Rest...
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CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFit Warm-up (No Measure) A. General 4 min Bike/Row/Ski @easy-mod B. Mobility Prayer stretch with foam roller 3 x 5-10 breaths while holding the stretch Time:6:50—> https://youtu.be/9LJDGUulS_8 C. Specific Drills 3-5 Scap pull + hollow (against box) 3-5 Beat swing with towel between feet 3-5 Glide kip (across box) 3-5Jumping Bar muscle...
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CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFit Warm-up (No Measure) A. General 400m Run 5 Inchworms 200m Run 7 mini band wall slides 100m Run 10 alternating Y arm raises on a box* https://youtu.be/67jI0e8x2T8 B. Specific 2 sets 50′ A skips + 50′ Sprint 50′ Butt kicks + 50′ Sprint 9 Hollow banded lat pull downs 3-5 reps...
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CrossFit Games Open 21.3 Crossfit Games Open 21.3 RX (Ages 16-54) (Time) For total time: 15 front squats 30 toes-to-bars 15 thrusters Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with: 15 front squats 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups 15 thrusters Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with: 15 front squats 30 bar muscle-ups 15 thrusters Workout 21.4 begins...
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Hanging L-Sit (5 x 15 sec) Metcon (No Measure) 4 RNFT (Rounds Not For Time) 1 turkish get-up (heavy) 2 muscle-up (bar or ring) 3 stone clean (heavy) 4 triple-under
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Metcon (Time) Lyla 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of: Muscle-ups Bodyweight clean and jerks Scaling: This workout contains a high volume of two difficult exercises. If you can perform some muscle-ups but not all 55 reps, eliminate the early rounds to reduce the total number of reps. Newer athletes should substitute with both gymnastics pulling AND...
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12 Days of Christmas (Time) 1 Muscle-up 2 Burpees 3 Chest to Bar 4 Push-ups 5 Pull-ups 6 Thrusters 7 Bar Over Burpees 8 KBS 9 Sit-ups 10 Iron Mikes 11 KB Taters 12 Box Jumps 12 Days of Christmas #2 (Time) 1 Chest to Bar 2 Burpees 3 Pull-ups 4 Push-ups 5 Ring Rows...
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Warm-up – Roll out calves, glutes, lats, and t-spine – Check chest, biceps and triceps for any unnecessary tension. If they feel tight, address them as well. – Ankle Flexion: 3 Sets, 8 reps each ankle. (Video below) 1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. 2. Secure the...
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-30:00 Single Deadlift Banded Side Steps Spanish Squats MB Thruster Pullaparts OH Pullaparts Banded Press Outs Shoulder 360 Glide Kipping Swings Muscle Up Practice Jump Rope Practice Metcon (Time) 12 RFT 6 Wall Balls 24 Double Unders 3 Bar Muscle Up
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Warm-up (No Measure) Pick drill 5 Rds 30:30 Row 45s Plank 30s Side Plank 10 V Ups 10 Situps Ring Support Dip Support Ring Row Dips Muscle Ups Metcon (Time) 400/40/4 300/30/3 200/20/2 100/10/1 Meter row/Situps/Muscle Ups
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Workout of the Day


  • Saturday, July 24th 2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)A. General
    3mins Row or Bike @increasing intensity on each min

    B. Mobility
    Worlds Greatest Stretch
    10 reps/side

    C. Specific
    2 sets @Hard
    10 Wall balls
    5 Burpees
    5 Cal row
    Rest 1 minMetconA2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)Team Version

    AMRAP 30 mins
    42 Thrusters 115/75lbs
    42 Bar facing Burpees
    42 Cal Row

    You go, i go. One person working at a timeExtra AccessoryMetcon (No Measure)Bird dog + row
    3 x 10/side
    Rest 30 sec between sides and sets ()

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