Rope Climb
Warm-up Running Drills T-Spine Rotations x15 each side Wall Slide x20 Yoga Push-ups x10 Handstand Hold Handstand Work Rope Hang Rope Knee Tucks J Hook Demo Rope Climbs Moore (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20-Minute AMRAP of: 1 Rope Climb, 15′ Run 400m Max Rep Handstand Push-ups In honor of Officer David S. Moore, 29,...
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Rope Climb (15 Min) This is intended to be 15 minutes of practice. Complete one of the following rep schemes: a. 6 Full climb b. 8 Half-climb c. 10 scaled climb Metcon (Time) For Time: 200m run 5 burpee 5 toes-to-bar 400m run 10 burpee 10 toes-to-bar 600m run 15 burpee 15 toes-bar 800m run...
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Ring Rows (5-5-5-5-5) Tempo: 3111 *Try to utilize false grip Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds) Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of: 3 rope climbs, 15 ft. 12 push presses 50 double-unders ♀ 95 lb. ♂ 135 lb. Scaling: Modify the movements and reduce the load so you can keep moving through this...
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Rope Climb Discuss foot wrap variations, i.e. s wrap/j wrap While seated on box, practice each foot wrap technique. Work to find the most comfortable technique. Once established, and while sitting on the box, utilize your preferred wrap and perform a few attempts at progressing from that seated position to going further up the rope....
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Warm-up (No Measure) Pick Drill 1min-Arms 1min-Arms/Back 1min-Arms/Back/Quarter Legs 1min-Arms/Back/Half Legs Rope Hang Knee Tucks J Hook Rope Climb Metcon (Time) St. Patricks Day WOD 5 RFT 3 Rope Climbs 17 Double Unders 20 Cal Row Don’t Forget Your Green!
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Warm-up Pick drill catch to ext. Then x3 2m rounds Foam roll legs and lats Rope hang Air squat Push up Rope knee tuck Back squat Pike push up Rope climb Handstand profession Build back squat 3.2.1.Go! Brehm (Time) For Time: 10 Rope Climbs, 15″ 20 Back Squats, 225# 30 Handstand Push-ups 40 Calorie Row...
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Warm-up Nordic lift x10 Hydrant x 10 Spanish squats x10 2 round Thruster prep Rope climb skill Running skill Heel slides (wall) March Fall into toes Fall into run 3.2.1.Go! Metcon (Time) 400m run 25 thrusters 75/55 5 Rope climbs (legless or foot assisted) 4 rounds
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Warm-up Barbell upright row Strict power clean H/m/l Tall power clean h/m/l Pull-under h/m/l power clean h/m/l 3 POS Power clean Metcon prep: Rope climbs Hang Knee tucks J-hook/heel hook Accent 3 POS Power Clean (5×2-2-2 then 5×1-1-1) *Across on doubles; Build on singles ** “3 POS” refers to a high, mid, and low catch...
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Warm-up Wall sits Dead bugs Banded lateral walks Banded squats Back squat prep 1/4 1/2 Full Metcon prep: Rope climb Jump and hang Knee tucks Tuck and hook Rope climb. 3.2.1.Go! Pause Back Squat (3×3 Across) *Keep weights across. **Slow tempo in decent. 3-5s ***The pause is a big variable that will effect the weight....
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Warm-up 200m Carry 10 Medball Thrusters 10 wallballs Rope Prep: J-cup/heel hook demo Hang Knee tucks Tuck m’ latch Accend 3.2.1.Go! DVB (Time) For time: Run 1 mile with a 20-lb. medicine ball Then, 8 rounds of: 10 wall-ball shots 1 rope ascent Run 800 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball Then, 4 rounds of:...
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Workout of the Day


  • Saturday, July 24th 2021

    CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)A. General
    3mins Row or Bike @increasing intensity on each min

    B. Mobility
    Worlds Greatest Stretch
    10 reps/side

    C. Specific
    2 sets @Hard
    10 Wall balls
    5 Burpees
    5 Cal row
    Rest 1 minMetconA2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)Team Version

    AMRAP 30 mins
    42 Thrusters 115/75lbs
    42 Bar facing Burpees
    42 Cal Row

    You go, i go. One person working at a timeExtra AccessoryMetcon (No Measure)Bird dog + row
    3 x 10/side
    Rest 30 sec between sides and sets ()

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