Warm-up 2 Rounds 60s Jumping Jacks 60s Deep Lunge Mountain Climbers 60s Inch Worms 60s Ground to Sky Reaches 60s Alternating Cossack Squats 30s Rest Metcon (4 Rounds for time) Every 10 minutes for 40 minutes 400m Run 10 DBCleans 15 DB Shoilder to Overhead 20 Push-ups Rest remainder of interval
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Metcon (Time) For total time: 3 rounds of: 10 strict handstand push-ups 10 dumbbell hang power cleans 50 double-unders Rest 1 min., then: 3 rounds of: 10 kipping handstand push-ups 10 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads 50 double-unders ♀ 35-lb. dumbbells ♂ 50-lb. dumbbells Time cap: 10 min.
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Warm-up (No Measure) Complete 1 set: KB Single Leg Deadlift x 10 (5L/5R) Box Step-Ups, alt. x 10 KB Single Arm Row x 10 (5L/5R) Box Jumps x 10 KB Single Arm Press x 10 (5L/5R) Deadlift (5@40% – 5@50% – 5@60%) Warm-up (No Measure) 45# Bar or less: Deadlift x 5 Strict Press x...
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-20:00 Ankle Mobility Band Pull Aparts OH Band Pull Aparts Back to Wall Vees Squat Therapy OH Squat Technique and Demo Overhead Squat (8-8-8-8) Increase weight every round Metcon (Time) 3 RFT 12 DB/KB Deadlift 9 DB/KB Hang Power Cleans 6 DB S2OH Weight: 2×50/35
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Deadlift (5-5-5-5-5) *increase weight every round *touch and go, double overhand *every 2 minutes Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-10:00 PVC Good Mornings x20 PVC OH Squats x20 Deadlift Technique 10:00-25:00 Metcon (2 Rounds for time) 25:00-35:00 Metcon Prep 35:00-45:00 3 RFT 18 Pullups 18 OH Squats 95/65 8 min cap 45:00-55:00 3 RFT 18 Toes to...
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Warm-up CS: Activation (Coach Lead) Press Push Press Push Jerk Run Prep: Stationary march Fall into band Change directions Metcon (Weight) Every 4 min for 28m Run 400m S2OH x9 *Increase weight each round **Aim for consistent times on the run. Hard enough to leave time for the task, but conservative enough to maintain. ***Push...
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Warm-up Metcon (No Measure) Row 15/12 Cals then Unbroken Set of: 5 Power Cleans 4 Shoulder to Overhead 3 Thruster Every 4 Min for 28 Min *Perform all 12 reps without releasing the hands from your barbell **Main goal of the workout is to maintain consistent work times. ***Utilize a confident weight on the barbell...
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Warm-up Banded Walk x30 Forward/Backward 5 Point Squat x4 Supernated PVC Press x10 Front Squat x5 Coaches Pace x10 Personal Pace Metcon Prep Jump & Land Front Knee x5 Hang Power Clean x5 Push press x5 Push-Jerk x5 x1 rep of Complex 1 Clean 2 Front Squat 3 S2OH Front Squat (3×2) Across/pause EMOM Front...
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Split Jerk (5×3 (Across)) CrossFit Games Open 13.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 10 Min AMRAP 5 Shoulder to Overhead 115# / 75# 10 Deadlifts 115# / 75# 15 Box Jumps 24″ / 20″
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Push Jerk (2-2-2-2-2 Build) Metcon (Time) Deadlift S2OH Hang Clean 2-4-6-8-10 Rest 1min after each round
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 5/14/21

    Prone Y’s

    Prone T’s

    Prone Presses

    Reverse Snow Angel

    Yoga Pushups

    Goblet Squat Hold

    Goblet Squats

    Goblet Squat Thruster

    Metcon (8 Rounds for time)
    8 Rounds every 3 Minutes

    12/10 calorie Bike

    10 DB Thrusters 35/25

    8 Burpee Box Jump Overs

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