Shoulder Press
Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-20:00 I’s, Y’s, T’s, W’s KB Romanian Deadlifts Russian KBS American KBS Dynamic Pushups Shoulder Press Demo 20:00-35:00 Shoulder Press (5-5-5-5-5) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 35:00-40:00 WOD Demo and Prep 40:00-50:00 10 AMRAP 2-4-6-8-10… Kettle bell Swings Pushups 50:00-60:00 Cool Down and Cleanup
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-20:00 Pick Drill Legs Legs/Back Legs/Back/Arms 500m Row I’s, Y’s, T’s Yoga Pushups Situps Shoulder Press Demo 20:00-35:00 Shoulder Press (5-5-5-5-5) Build every set Metcon (Time) 35:00-55:00 4 RFT 400m Row 10 Pushups 20 Situps 55:00-60:00 Cool Down and Cleanup
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-15:00 Scorpion x20 Pronated Y’s x20 Pronated T’s x20 Pronated Presses x10 Shoulder Press PVC Demo 15:00-30:00 Shoulder Press (5×10) Skill Work 30-40:00 High Leg Kicks Leg Cradle Single Leg Run High Knees Bum Kickers Wall Slides Ankling to Sprint 40:00-60:00 Metcon (10 Rounds for time) 5 Rounds-Every 2 Minutes 100m Sprint...
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Warm-up 20 Arm Swings 20 Leg Swings 20 Alt Lunges 10 Tuck Jumps 10 Air Squats Sally Up/Sally Down with Pushups You Tube the song Flower by Moby When the lyrics say Bring Sally Down you should be at the bottom of your push-up. When they say bring sally up you should be at the...
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Warm-up Squat and twist Elevate the heels using plates high lift, medium lift, and floor level.3 each arm Air squat Shoulder press Deadlift Back squat The CrossFit Total (Total Weight) Back Squat (1 Rep Max) Shoulder Press (1 Rep Max) Deadlift (1 Rep Max)
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Warm-up Banded W/Y x15 BN press x10 Press prep: Midline Chat Press Metcon Prep: Knee tucks/Toes to Hips/Toes to bar Box jumps (practice bounding) 3.2.1.Go! Shoulder Press (5×5) * Across. 8m to h hold to a working weight **Stop on your chest for each rep. ***Rep 5 of each set should be near failure. Metcon...
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Warm-up Horizontal Pull-aparts x30 Diagnial Pull-aparts x15 each direction Press Prep: Barn Door (KB/DB) Front rack rotations (Bar) Midline talk 2×10 light load Metcon Prep: Seated Arm movements March in place Forward/backwards fall 50m Jog x10 Kip Swings x5 Burpees 50m Run x10 Beat Swings x5 Burpees 50m SPRINT x5 Pull-ups x5 Burpees Shoulder Press...
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Warm-up Arm circles & Swings Shoulder taps in plank Inch worms Push-ups Metcon Prep Row 5 Cal 5 Bodyweight row 5 Strict DB/KB Press 3 rounds building to weight Metcon (Time) 4 rounds Row 25 Cals 15 Bodyweight Row Row 25 Cal 15 Strict DB/KB Press Rest 2 min *Keep the Row 60-90sec **Bodyweight Rows...
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Warm-up CS: 90/90 W/Y Walking Lunge Strict press Pick Drill: Arms Arms/Back Full stroke Metcon (No Measure) Row 250m 50ft walking lunge Strict press x15 65/45 10 RFT *Recovery from Murph. **Move with intention. your muscules will thank you. ***Coversation pace.
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Warm-up Min 0-5 Jump squats Superman flutter V-ups 2×20 Min 5-10 Front squat prep 1/2 Full Brief Min 30-45 Metcon Prep Inverted Row x5 Press x5 SDHP x5 15-30: Front Squat (8-8-8-8-+8) *One round every 2 minutes **Build every set 50-60: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Inverted row x10 Press x10 SDHP x10 AMRAP 10
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 8/11/20




    Prone Rotations x10/10

    Prone Y x20

    Prone T x20

    Elbow Rotations x20

    High Pull

    High Pull to Front Rack

    High Hang Muscle Clean

    High Hang Power Clean

    Low Hang Power Clean

    Power Clean

    Push Jerk

    Muscle Clean (3-3-3-3-3)
    Metcon (3 Rounds for time)


    30 Clean and Jerks 115/80

    5 minute cap


    30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

    5 minute cap


    ME Clean and Jerks 155/105

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