Warm-up Arm Swings x20 Leg Swings x20 Reverse Snow Angel x10 Good Mornings x10 Air Squats x10 Lateral Hops x20 Single Hops x10 Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 10 AMRAP 20 Alternating DB/KB Snatches 40 Jumping Jacks
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Warm-up Jumping Jacks x20 Mountain Climbers x40 Standing I’s to Snow Angel x10 Single Arm RKBS x10/10 KB Snatches x5/5 Single Toe Touches x10/10 Alt Lunges x20 Dead Bugs x20 V Ups x10 Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 12 AMRAP 5/5 Db or KB Snatches from Hip 10 Box Stepups or Alt Lunges 10...
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Warm-up 20 Arm Swings 20 Leg Swings 20 Alt Lunges 10 Tuck Jumps 10 Air Squats Sally Up/Sally Down with Pushups You Tube the song Flower by Moby When the lyrics say Bring Sally Down you should be at the bottom of your push-up. When they say bring sally up you should be at the...
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Warm-up 90 rotation ant/ext BN press Dip/Drive (practice tempo) Push press 3×3 Push jerk Push Press (2×1) *Across **Tempo 3-0-0 Build from last week Push Jerk (3×3) *Across **Tempo 3-0-0 Build from last week Metcon (6 Rounds for reps) 1 min-Alt DB/KB Snatches 1 min-Double Unders 2 min-Alt DB/KB Snatches 2 min-Double Unders 3 min-Alt...
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Warm-up Upright row BN press Dip/drive/high pull Press in half squat Hang snatch pull Press to squat Snatch pull Snatch Snatch Pull + Squat Snatch (6×2+2) *Across Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 7 AMRAP 5 Overhead Squats 5 Tall Box Jumps
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Warm-up Upright row BN press Dip/drive/high pull Press in half squat Hang snatch pull Press to squat Snatch pull Snatch Snatch Pull + Squat Snatch (2+1) *Set 1-4 Across: light and deliberate. **Set 5-9 Across: Moderate yet mechanic learned from previous sets are retained. ***Sets 9-12 Across: Moderate yet challenging. TEST your mechanics through these...
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Warm-up BN Press Press in half squat Press to squat Snatch grip deadlift Snatch pulls Snatch balance Snatch Snatch Pull (5×3) *Across **Closest movement to performing a snatch WITHOUT the stress of catching the bar. Metcon (Weight) Snatch pull + Snatch 4×2+1 *Across *Cherish this opportunity to develop the many components to this lift. Metcon...
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Warm-up 1m intervals Sit in straddle Lift right leg Lift left leg Straddle flutter 2 rounds Bird dog/one to elbow x10 Calf raise in squat x10 Plank to Sphinx push 30s +5 2 rounds Metcon prep: KBS – heels down/hinge Push up – knees/feet/toes Wallball – flat foot throw KBSN- transition @ floor v hip...
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Warm-up Movement Prep: Upright row w/hold Upright row to overhead BN press/half squat/squat Overhead squat Snatch prep: Deficit (on plates) SGDL Muscle snatch Power snatch h/m/l Snatch Snatch (3-2-1 x3) *There are 9 total sets. **Increase weight each wave. ***Develop a focus throughout the warm-up that will best develop YOUR lift. Metcon (Time) 150 dubs...
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Warm-up Roll legs and low back Lat slides (wall) Kipping drills beat swings Pull ups Chest to bars Metcon prep DB snatch -6 Rupee box jump overs x3 Pull up variation x1-3 Metcon (Time) Buy in- 150ft sled backpedal Immediately into 30 DB/KB Snatch 20 Burpee box jump overs 10 Chest to bar/pull ups 5...
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 6/3/20




    Arm swings x20

    Leg swings x20

    Banded Hip Stretch x30s

    Calf Stretch x30s

    High Leg Kicks

    Leg Cradle

    Single Leg Hops

    Bum Kickers

    High Knees

    Wall Slides


    Squat Therapy

    Demo Single DB Overhead Squats
    Metcon (Time)

    WOD Prep

    4 RFT

    400m Run

    15 DB OH Squats R

    15 DB OH Squats L


    Cool Down and Clean Up

CrossFit Teens

  • CrossFit Teens WOD 3/12/20

    Deadlift (5-5-3-3-3+)
    CrossFit Games Open 13.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
    10 Min AMRAP
    5 Shoulder to Overhead 115# / 75#
    10 Deadlifts 115# / 75#
    15 Box Jumps 24″ / 20″