Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-20:00 Wrist Mobility Split Squat Good Mornings 2×10/10 Marching Hip Bridges x20 90/90 Hold 2 minutes per side Elbow Rotations x20 Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3) Increase weight every round Establish 3RM Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Push Press Demo 12 AMRAP 20 Push Presses 75/55 30 Air Squats
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Warm-up 400m run 100ft walking lunge ring rows/pull-ups x10 Metcon Prep: Pull-unders High hang power clean Hang power clean power clean 1-2 sets to establish metcon weight. Flow and movement talk 3.2.1.Go! Hotshots 19 (Time) 6 Rounds for time of: 30 Squats 19 Power Cleans, 135# / 95# 7 Strict Pull-ups 400m Run *The squats...
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-25:00 Banded Serratus Press Out 2×20 Scapular 360 Glide 2×5-10 Cuban Press 2×15 Banded Side Steps 2×20 each side Banded Squats x20 2 Rounds 2 Pullups 4 V Ups 6 Box Jumps 8 Squats Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20 AMRAP 5 Pullups 10 V Ups 15 Box Jumps 20 Squats
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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20 AMRAP Partner Workout Partner A-400m run Partner B- 5 Pull-ups 10 Kettlebell Swings 15 Squats Switch when partner returns from run. Continue where partner left off on 5-10-15
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-20:00 Banded Hip Couch Stretch Banded Grasshopper Lunge Good Mornings Deadlift Technique 20:00-35:00 Deadlift (3-3-3-3-3) Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 35:00-40:00 Metcon Prep 40:00-50:00 8 AMRAP 15 Air Squats 10 KBS 5 Pushups 50:00-60:00 Cool down and cleanup
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Warm-up 0-5:00 Briefing 5:00-15:00 I’s Y’s T’s Windmill Turkish Get Up Review 15:00-30:00 Turkish Get Up (1-1-1-1-1) Metcon (Time) 30:00-40:00 Hip Flexor Hold Hip Flexor Drives x15/15 Kickouts x15 High Knees Bum Kickers Power Skip Reverse Power Skip Wideouts x20 seconds Quick Feet x 20 seconds 40:00-55:00 1 mile run 15 Squats every minute start...
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Warm-up 400m Run 10 Burpees 10 Knee Tucks Murph Demo and Walkthrough: Pull-up/Ring Row Push-ups Air-Squats Running Options Murph (Time) For Time: 1-Mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Air Squats 1-Mile Run If you have a 20# vest or body armor, wear it. In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY,...
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Metcon (No Measure) 20 EMOM Partner A-15 Air Squats Partner B-5 HSPU Partners move at the same time but switch movements every minute
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Warm-up Side Lying Rainbow x10/10 Side Plank Hip Touches x10/10 V Ups x10 Pushups x10 Single Toe Touch x10/10 Squats x10 Metcon (5 Rounds for reps) 5 Rounds for 24 Minutes 1 min Mountain Climbers 1 min Pushups 1 min Flutter Kicks 1 min Squats 1 min Rest
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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 18 AMRAP Partner Workout 6 Rounds Min 1: Plank Hold/Pushups Min 2: Wall Sit/Jump Squats Min 3: OH Weight Hold/Hollow Rocks
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Workout of the Day


  • CrossFit WOD 10/23/20




    Kneeling T Spine Rotations Against Wall x10/10 Both Directions

    Pvc Press Out 2×10

    Prone Snow Angel 2×10

    Prone PVC Press 2×15

    Shoulder Press Demo

    Shoulder Press (10-10-10)
    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
    10 AMRAP

    10 Toes to Bar

    20 Alternating DB Snatches

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