Brett Lobb

CF-L2 Trainer

About Brett...

My CrossFit journey began circa spring 2011. A few friends of mine began doing these crazy circuits comprised of many different movements and an abundance of reps per movement. These circuits, which later became known as Chippers, would take place in the functional fitness area of a local gym in Elizabethtown. I was very apprehensive to participate at first, not out of fear, but due to pride. I didn’t want to lose my “Gains”. I subscribed to the traditional bodybuilding protocol at that point in time, and didn’t think “circuit training” would be very advantageous to me. Little did I know my participation would lead to quite the love affair. I couldn’t get enough of it, and so began my indoctrination of CrossFit. Close to a year later I went and completed the Level 1 CrossFit course. I knew that I had to learn everything I could, so I could share it with anyone who would listen. From there, and through multiple avenues, I began coaching. I started training personal clients and eventually transitioned to groups. For close to 6 years now, coaching has been a part of my everyday life. It has allowed me to change people’s lives, and in turn they have changed mine.

CrossFit, for those who have seen “the light”, can serve so many purposes. It is community, camaraderie, frustration, fulfillment, defeat, victory, failure, success, and all the in between, but at the end of the day, it’s the refusal to be a mediocre version of oneself. It’s the relentless pursuit of being a better you, and not accepting anything less. If you let it, it will transcend every aspect of your life, and you will never look back, I haven’t.

“I CrossFit because I refuse to accept mediocrity for myself and for those around me.”

-Coach Brett

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