Jennifer Crump

CF-L1 Trainer

About Jennifer...

I am a 2007 graduate of the Dept. of Criminal Justice Training. I am currently a Dept. of Defense contractor located on Ft. Knox, KY. I have been at CFE for 5 years.

I decided to make the transition from athlete to coach when I was 2 years into CF. I wanted to be able to translate my passion and knowledge of CF to my fellow athletes. I wanted them to be able to embrace the athlete inside of them that I saw.

CrossFit has changed me as a human, it completely changed my mindset about my physical being. Made me into a more confident and capable human. CrossFit has also changed my children. Setting an example of being health and fitness conscious has led to them wanting to be active, and make smarter eating choices. Seeing my children cheer me on and want to work out with me is the highlight of my CrossFit experience.

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