Nick Lee

CF-L1 Trainer

About Nick...

CrossFit has been a part of my life for over three years. The years prior to CrossFit I’ve participated in multiple sports and different variations of fitness. All have contributed to the knowledge base that I currently possess. In the beginning I never imagined myself teaching CrossFit. Being more introverted growing up; CrossFit really opened the gate as far as bringing out the social side in me. CrossFit really helped me learn about myself. One interest that really sparked is leadership, and to me teaching CrossFit fulfills that interest. Being able to not only teach, but learn something new every day, is one of the greatest satisfactions in life. Over time I hope to always gain the knowledge to not only improve myself, but to help and improve others as well.

  • CF-L1
  • Gymnastics Certificate
  • Weightlifting Certificate
  • Anatomy Certificate
  • Spot the Flaw Certificate

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