CrossFit – Thu, May 25

CrossFit Elizabethtown – CrossFit


A. General

30 sec Row or Bike

10 rotating scorpions

30 sec Row or Bike

10 Pause Ring rows

30 sec Row or Bike

10 btn press + pause OH

B. Mobility

Alternating Y raise from a barbell in the rack

12 reps

*Have athletes set their bars up for the jerk drills here then to the Y raises from the feet on the barbell.

C. Specific



Technique Thursday (Checkmark)

Split Jerk

Dip Drills:

– Dip holds

– Dip Drive holds

Foot position drills

– Split presses

– Split push press/push jerk

Receiving drills

– Jerk Balance

– Tall Jerks

Working sets

6 x 4 @ 30-40%
TC: 20 minutes

Score: Checkmark

Scaling Options

All categories as written


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

TABATA Calorie Row

1 min rest

TABATA DB Walking Lunges 2×35/25 lbs

1 min rest

TABATA Burpees
TC: 14 minutes

Score: Total reps

KG: 15/10

Scaling Options


– Walking lunges, unweighted

– Down & Ups


DB walking lunges 2x 25/15 lbs

Extra Accessory

Core (Checkmark)

3 sets

1 Dragon Flag @Slow eccentric

60 sec chinese plank (facing down)